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A Thank You to Our Alumni

The Art & Design Department has benefited greatly from alumni support. Our alumni have generously given their time and expertise throughout the years by hosting field trips for our students to experience the creative inner workings of various art and design studios and industries, and have returned to Cal Poly to deliver lectures, run workshops and review senior portfolios.

Our alumni can also assist the department in other ways: from enhancing career opportunities and providing guidance for our students, to offering advice on our curriculum, addressing financial needs, and strengthening the connections between our department and the professional world. 

The Art & Design Department will be working closely with the College of Liberal Arts staff to continue to boost our alumni relations and better connect alumni with one another. 

Already some of our alumni have kindly expressed their enthusiasm for such initiatives. If you are interested in helping, please contact Chair Giancarlo Fiorenza. In any event, we want to hear from you — give us a quick update on where you are and what you are doing

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