Recent Publications by Professor Enrica Lovaglio Costello

Professor Enrica Lovaglio Costello recently published several articles in peer-reviewed journals.

"La città come opificio sperimentale: La metamorfosi della conoscenza", published in the Italian-based A-ranked international peer-reviewed Material Design Journal, is described in the abstract as:

"In the panorama of contemporary citizen design, this paper intends to explore the impact of community exchanges on the city. For example, urban spaces, when used as experimental laboratories through a network of scientific-themed art installations, stimulate an inclusive culture of informal learning in contrast to conventional pedagogical methods. A metamorphosis of the traditional systems of knowledge acquisition can facilitate the development of the skills necessary to face the social and environmental challenges of the twenty-first century."

Link to the full article in Italian here (English translation is forthcoming):


Abstract of Dreamwalker Article and Image of an open door with light shining throughAbstract of ANX Dread article and red image with a digitally created hand

Along with Cal Poly Computer Science Professor Zoë Wood and a group of Computing for Interactive Arts (CIA) students, Professor Lovaglio Costello published two articles in the peer-reviewed journal Video Game Art Reader

Links to full articles:

DreamWalker: A Surreal Virtual Reality Experience That Explores The World of Dreams

ANX Dread: A Virtual Reality Experience to Explore Anxiety During Task Completion


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