Studio Art Concentration

Tara Morency (Art 409 - 2013)

Ryan Williams (Art 409 - Spring 2012)

Eimi Tagore Erwin (Art 348 - 2013)

Oriana Stevens  (Art 260 - Spring 2013)

Rebecca Quant (Art 353 - 2013)

Paula Lucia (Art 409 - 2013)

Mallory Caloca (Art 462 - 2013)

Ian Hoffman (Art 353 - 2013)

Jun Liu (Art 409 - 2011)

Rachel Labonte (Art 409 - 2012)

Ellen Williams (Art 148 - 2013)

Lauren Manning (Art 260 - Winter 2013)

Oriana Steven (Art 260 - 2013)

The Studio Art concentration is a program designed for students who are seeking a broad-based undergraduate education in the visual arts.

This program is distinctive for its depth of required course work in both two and three-dimensional media. The upper division curriculum allows students to specialize in a discipline pertinent to their career choice in the visual arts. Courses in portfolio preparation, professional practices, and a senior project prepare the student to enter the work place or pursue advanced degrees.

Some of the many career possibilities for our graduates include exhibiting as a professional artist and pursuing positions in industry, education, entertainment, and museum/gallery management.

Cal Poly, with its learn-by-doing philosophy and its commitment to both the liberal arts and technology, provides a unique setting for studying the visual arts. Within this context, the students in the Studio Art concentration are presented with an environment where imagination, intellectual rigor, self-expression, and skill development are expected and valued.

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