Change of Concentration -Current Art & Design Students Only

How to apply towards a Change of Concentration within the Art & Design Major:


Step 1) Art & Design students can initiate the Change of Concentration process by scheduling an Advising Appointment with the Dept. Chair.

Step 2) A Change of Concentration Inquiry form with be completed prior to the advising appointment. The Art & Design office can forward Inquiry Forms via Adobe Sign.

Step 3) All eligible COC applicants, will be educated on the Portfolio Submission process. More information on our Portfolio Requirements by Concentration.

Step 4) The department office staff will provide the student with portfolio submission link and directions on how to digitally submit a portfolio. There is a $10 fee to use the online portfolio submission service; this fee does not go to the department.

Step 5) Submit entire portfolio for desired concentration by the deadline date, no exceptions allowed. Students will only be allowed to submit one portfolio for one concentration and if denied, the student will not be able to submit another portfolio for any other concentration.

Step 7) Faculty Reviewers will critically review portfolio submissions and confirm the

Step 8) Students will be notified via email if the portfolio was accepted by the end of the quarter in which the portfolio was submitted.

Step 9) If accepted, the Art & Design Office is responsible for communicating the new concentration to the Registrar.


Portfolio Submission Windows:


At this time, the Art & Design office plans to arrange a Portfolio Submission Window each quarter for 2 weeks between Weeks 4-6.

The Faculty review of Portfolios and decision (accept/decline) can take up to two weeks; however, students will be notified two weeks after the Submission Window deadline.

The Art & Design office is hopeful to notify students of the Dept. Decisions prior to the first enrollment window.


Graphic Design Concentration Updates - Fall 2023

The Art & Design Department will not be accepting any portfolios towards the Graphic Design Concentration during this upcoming fall quarter 2023. Portfolios for the Photography & Video and Studio Art Concentrations will be accepted for review during fall 2023.

At this time, 2nd year Graphic Design cohort is exceeding large, and the department is unable to accommodate additional students into the 2nd year cycle of Graphic Design Major Courses.

The Graphic Design Concentration Portfolio submission window will open for spring quarter 2024. Any students accepted into the Graphic Design concentration via the Spring portfolio review and ICMA process will start the 2nd Year cycle of Graphic Design concentration courses during fall quarter 2024.

Supplemental Advising Resources:


Proper research allows you to determine if your proposed major is a good fit for your interests, strengths, and academic/career goals. Research options can include(but are not limited to):


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