2024 BFA Exhibition

Cal Poly University Art Gallery to Exhibit the 2024 BFA Exhibition.

Opening reception set for 5/31/24 at 5:00pm until 7pm in the Gallery

About the Show

The 2024 BFA show features the culmination of these student’s hard work here at Cal Poly in the Department of Art and Design.  This year features two concurrent events:

 “After All, I Exist” is the Photo/Video component and is located in the Dexter Foyer right outside the gallery. “Safety in the Hot Shop” is the Studio Art component, located in the University Art Gallery. 


After All, I Exist:

“After All, I Exist” is our opportunity to share our work with each other and the world—to celebrate our accomplishments, hurdles overcome, times ending, and doors opening. Our work serves as a testament to persistence in the face of struggle, both internal and external. Across our artistic practices, there are themes of introspection, experimentation, and radical visibility. We invite you to witness our collective experiences and to watch us unfold into the world.

Featured artists:

Rene Basso-Medel, Jacob Botelho, Fenn Bruns, Brooke De La Torre, Sarai Devi Dasi, Makayla Grogan, Vivian Jameson, Zach Kanter, Lexi Koehler, Miranda Kowalski, Jordan Marozik, Caitlyn Perillo, John Querimit, Alicia Zimmerman.


Safety in the Hot Shop:

A mixture of figurative, surreal, confrontational, theatrical, and captivating art come together to form this year’s BFA exhibition: “Safety in the Hot Shop.” The long-awaited culmination of a thousand late nights, fiery dialogue, and the simmering heat of our collective vision, “Safety in the Hot Shop” reflects on our journey throughout this program. These bodies of work are the results of exploring boundaries, breaking rules, and creating new ones. Visitors are advised to suit up, follow all safety protocols, and see what we have been forging in the Art and Design Hot Shop.

Featured artists:

Kelsey Amann, Anla Bolkan, Olivia Cheng, Elise Coatney, Nicole Edwards, April Marshall, Addie Moffatt, Julia Neils.

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