Studying Art and Design at Cal Poly

2017 Photographic Expression Class

Mission Statement

The Department of Art and Design promotes individual vision and creative excellence. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the creation, history, and theory of the visual arts that prepares students for professional careers and graduate studies. Art and Design emphasizes experimentation, problem solving, and interdisciplinary collaboration informed by global awareness.

Cal Poly's Art & Design Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Learning Objectives

Graduates of the Department of Art and Design will be able to:

  1. Produce a strong body of work and/or professional portfolio.
  2. Apply comparative reasoning in evaluating works of art and design.
  3. Use verbal, visual, and technical vocabulary related to art and design that demonstrates cultural competency and a world view informed by issues of diversity, inequality, and power. 
  4. Effectively and professionally work in teams and participate in interdisciplinary, collaborative endeavors with people who have beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are different from their own. 
  1. Critically examine the role that visual language plays in global culture through research, innovative thinking, writing, and creative expression. 
  2. Demonstrate integrity and make ethical decisions in professional practice and/or creative expression. 
  3. Establish and maintain a rigorous creative practice that is productive and professional. 
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to learning, inquiry, and discovery.

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