Faculty and Staff Directory

Winter Quarter - 2021

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Department Chair

James Werner

Media Art

Bldg34Rm169 805-756-1148

T 4-5pm

W 4-4:30pm


Sky Bergman 

Photography and Video

Bldg. 34Rm155

805-756-1538 M|W 11-11:50am

Lana Z Caplan


​Photography and Video

Bldg. 34, Rm. 142 805-756-1562 Not teaching Spring 2021

Enrica Lovaglio Costello
Computational Art

Bldg34Rm163 805-756-2446

M 4-6pm

T 12-1pm
W 6-7pm

Linh Dao

Graphic Design

Bldg34Rm164 805-756-1232

M|W 2-3pm

F 2-4pm

Giancarlo Fiorenza
Art History

Bldg34Rm126 805-756-5066 M|W 12-1:30pm

Elizabeth Folk


Studio Art

Bldg. 34, Rm. 124 805-756-1524

T 12-2pm

Sara Frantz

Studio Art

Bldg34Rm147 805-756-6069 M|W 11am-12pm
T 10-11am

Tera Galanti

Studio Art

Bldg34Rm165 805-756-1540 M|W 11am-12pm, 3-3:20pm

Laura Krifka

Studio Art

Bldg34Rm146 805-756-1272 Not teaching Winter 2021

Charmaine Martinez

Graphic Design

Bldg. 34Rm. 161 805-756-2332

M 9–10:30am

W 9–10:30am

F 9–10am

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Kathryn McCormick
Graphic Design
Bldg34Rm162 805-756-1164

M 11am-12:30pm

T 12-1pm

Allison Myers

Art History

Bldg34Rm169 805-756-1148

T 2-3pm

TH 11am-1pm

Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Adan



Bldg. 47Rm. 25F 805-756-1564 Not teaching Winter 2021


Nick Bockelman
Graphic Design
Bldg34Rm. 143 805-756-1207 Not teaching Winter 2021
Jefferson Clarke
Photography and Video
Bldg34Rm. 153 805-756-2046 M|T|W|TH 5-6pm

Thomas DePasquale


Art History

Bldg34Rm. 153 805-756-2046 W 12-2pm

Deborah Denker Jamieson

Photography and Video

Bldg. 34, Rm. 222 805-756-2086

M 11-11:45am

W 11am-12pm

Madeleine Ignon

Studio Art

Bldg34Rm. 153 805-756-2046

W 12:30-2pm, 2:30-4pm

Patrick Melroy

Studio Art

Bldg34Rm. 153 805-756-2046 T|TH 2-3pm
Barbara Odza
Graphic Design 
Bldg. 34, Rm. 143 805-756-1207 Not Teaching Winter 2021

Ian Pines

Studio Art

Bldg 34, Rm. 153 805-756-2046 M|W 9am-12pm

Julie Sample

Photography and Video

Bldg. 34, Rm. 153 805-756-2046 Not Teaching Winter 2021
Teri Sanders-Brown
Studio Art
Bldg34Rm. 153 805-756-2046 Not Teaching Winter 2021

Kimberly Snyder

Photography and Video

Bldg. 34Rm. 143 805-756-1207 Not Teaching Winter 2021
Ava Werner
Art History/Studio Art
Bldg34Rm143 805-756-1207 TBA

Jean Wetzel

Art History

Bldg. 34Rm. 153 805-756-2046 Not Teaching Winter 2021
Garet Zook
Studio Art
Bldg. 34, Rm171 805-756-1571 Not Teaching Winter 2021


Wesley Carr
Studio Art Tech
Bldg34Rm125 805-756-1570  
Matt Corippo
Tech Consultant
Bldg34Rm160B 805-756-1566  

Sheryl Frisch

Visual Resource Specialist

Bldg34Rm141 805-756-2078  
Administrative Coordinator
Bldg34Rm169 805-756-1148



Alicia Portillo

Photography & Video Tech

Bldg34Rm. 222 805-756-2086  

[Currently Vacant]

Administrative Assistant
Bldg34Rm. 169 805-756-1148    
Garet Zook
Art Gallery Coordinator
Bldg34Rm171 805-756-1571  

Emeritus Faculty

  • Keith Dills
  • Tera Galanti
  • Clarissa Hewitt
  • Robert Howell
  • Charles Jennings
  • George Jercich
  • Eric Johnson
  • Mary LaPorte
  • Robert Reynolds
  • Joanne Beaule Ruggles
  • Sandra Jean Wetzel

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