‘Create to relate’: .RAW Journal allows art and design students to showcase their work

Photographer and photo video senior Zach Kanter excitedly points to his work displayed on glossy page nine of .RAW Journal, a quarterly publication created by art and design majors to showcase the photography, designs, sculptures and videos produced by students in the department.

Original Story by Leila Touati

The journal’s “Create to relate” motto on their website highlights using different mediums like photography, design, studio art and others to “inspire, inform and incorporate ideas old and new in an image-saturated world.”

Despite having some printing problems that set back co-editor-in-chiefs and photo video seniors Sarai Devi Dasi and Vivian Jameson, the 41-page journal was celebrated with a release party last Friday at Dexter Donut. 

“A lot of what we do is letting the art speak for itself,” Jameson said. “Presenting how it wants to be presented and just have a place to share it.”

32 artists came forward to submit their work for .RAW Journal’s fall issue and were chosen by the journal’s editorial board to have their art displayed. In Kanter’s case, his photography consisted of a trip to San Francisco’s de Young Museum.

“It’s just capturing moments of people intertwined with shadows. I create best when I have a chance to sit and observe somewhere and wait for an idea to come to me in a space,” Kanter said. “I just kind of shoot whatever comes to me, toss it their way and see what happens.”

According to Dasi, .RAW has recently received more graphic design work, studio artwork and video entries. Two video entries grace .RAW’s pages for this issue, the first being titled “dreamscape_01” by Ryden Secor and “Across the Universe A.I. Version” by Dasi. Both videos used AI as part of their creation and QR codes match the image of the videos and lead to their Vimeo page to view the full product.

“We understand it’s a magazine, you know, people don’t really think of video, but [with] an online version it’s nice to showcase,” Dasi said.

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