Ava Werner Profiled in SLO Life Magazine

Art and Design lecturer and artist Ava Patterson Werner's paintings were profiled in SLO Life Magazine this month.

"While the push-pull relationship between humans and nature is an evident theme, it is impossible to look at Werner's paintings without forming some type of narrative as a result of the people, birds, and other living beings populating the corners and cubbyholes of her canvas. In many of the cases, the figures and lifeforms seem secondary to the overall infrastructure of the image, yet each has a sweetness and intimacy that draws the viewer in on a personal level. There is a sense we are all connected because we have all uses that same banister going down a set of stairs, or there is a connection between people across vast areas because we have all seen the same bird fly over us in our own individual space. Werner's art itself creates a connection between the stories of our daily lives and the greater impact we leave on this earth" - Jeff Al-Mashat. 

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