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Ava Werner, interviews with Yale Radio and announces her new exhibition.

Installation shot with Waterlinks, House Flips and Anthropocene Series

Installation shot with Waterlinks, House Flips and Anthropocene Series

Ava Werner is an American multi-media artist, working with 2D media and installation.  Broadly, her work focuses on how humans impact the earth and its resources.

Werner is a lecturer in the Art and Design Department at California Polytechnic State University. Most recently, Werner had a residency summer 2023 at Vermont Studio Center.

Her Waterlinks Installation project with James Werner is ongoing and has been installed in New Zealand, Micronesia and Vanuatu, Australia, California, New York and Maine.

By Brainard Carey

January 2, 2024

Listen to the Yale Radio interview here:

New Exhibition: Shadowtime



(Neologism from The Bureau of Linguistic Reality)

Definition:  A parallel timescale that follows one around throughout day to day experience of regular time. Shadowtime manifests as a feeling of living in two distinctly different temporal scales simultaneously, or acute consciousness of the possibility that the near future will be drastically different than the present.

Origin: Ranu Mukherjee, Alicia Escott, Field Study #009 Participants, California 2015

The paintings and collages in Shadowtime give viewers a false sense of security. The beauty is a comfort but the bottom may fall out. Artworks by Melissa Capasso and Ava Werner each have elements of Shadowtime: the phantom of an uncertain future is in their work, teetering between the sublime and devastation.  Werner’s painting and digital collage provide evidence and give the viewer a sober and objective peek at the grim climate path we are on. Capasso’s paintings are a subjective counterpoint. Her paintings feel of-the-moment and speak with a supremely subjective voice mirroring the gravity of our time in real time.

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Ava Werner, Hoover Dam, 2023

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