Cal Poly Short Cuts

SHORT CUTS features 8 short films created by Cal Poly students under the mentorship of Randi Barros, screenwriter, editor, and ISLA Lecturer, and James Werner, artist and Associate Professor of Art & Design. Engage with emotionally charged stories exploring love, loss, discovery, and unexpected moments of connection. See tomorrow’s filmmakers at work today.

In-Person Screening: April 29th at 7pm - Fremont Theater

Virtual Screenings: May 1 - 5

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JUNE IN SUMMER – June is a curious preteen who wants to grow up fast, but the freedom she sees in her brother’s childhood and her own leaves her in an existential dilemma.

THIEVES ON BICYCLES – Two unlikely thieves embark on a quest to steal a peculiar object. As the two pull off this bizarre heist, one undergoes a self-realization as his own views on morality are tested by his partner in crime.

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU APPLES – A small town Texas girl embarks on her college journey only to find that her randomly assigned roommate is her polar opposite self.

OLIVE BRANCH – Following her mother’s death, a young woman is compelled to confront her troubled childhood, deciding whether or not to make amends with the past.

CONFESSION – When a hopeful law student opens the door to her troubled ex, she is forced to risk her career as he attempts to enlist her help.

IRRITABLE – Eager to earn the respect of her traditionally strict teacher, a studious high school student with irritable bowel syndrome must navigate her teacher’s rigid rules to secure much-needed access to the restroom.

AMOR PROHIBIDO – Grappling with her queer identity and concealed behind the shadow of her Catholic and Hispanic values, Pilar embarks on a soul-stirring odyssey to reconcile her authentic self with the echoes of religion.

THE CLAY TEAPOT – Cleaning out their dead brother’s house, two reluctant siblings uncover the truth behind their childhood memories.

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