DEAD NAME, a performance by Sammie Veeler

November 15th - 6pm

November 16th - 11am

Expressive Technology StudioS

DEAD NAME - A Performance by Sammie Veeler


The Art & Design department is proud to present DEAD NAME—a site-specific performance by LA-based artist Sammie Veeler that explores gender transition and identity formation in the digital age, when past versions of ourselves are archived online with or without our consent. Weaving academic research with factual and fictional narratives, Veeler performs the role of archivist, leading us through the digital remains of a dead male artist: her late husband, Tvordis Veeler.


This event is sponsored by the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion; ASI; Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program; Department of Art & Design; Gender Equity Center; Women’s, Gender, and Queer Studies; and the Pride FSA


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