Enrica L Costello Presents Her Research at Numerous Conferences in CA and the UK

From April to November of 2019, Enrica L Costello will present her work at the American Society of Engineering Education in Los Angeles, as well as MIX2019 Experiential Storytelling at Bath Spa University, Corsham, U.K., the IEEE Conference on Games, London UK, Foundation in Digital Games 2019, San Luis Obispo and The Society for Literature, Science & the Arts (SLSA) 2019 Conference, UC Irvine. 

Her topics include her co-authored papers “New possibilities in Art and Computing: Teaching Game Design to Achieve Gender Inclusion and Diversity”, “The Inclusive Forest: Measuring Discrimination across Cultures Through Immersive and Interactive Narratives”, “ANX Dread: A virtual reality experience to explore anxiety during task completion”, “Not so different games: An exploration of five years of student game designers”, and her presentation “Art-based Immersive Experiential Narratives and Biometrics as Foundation of an Inclusive Culture”. 

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