Health and Safety Polices for the Department of Art & Design

In order to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment, all students are required to comply will all safety requirements, regardless of class or concentration.  We expect all students to be safe and contribute to a healthy working environment for themselves and everyone in the department.
Please see your instructor if you have any questions about these health and safety policies
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Spraying Paints and Coatings

Students are required use the appropriate and designated area for any spray-painting or affixing of potentially hazardous materials (such as using Krylon spray cans) on any 2D or 3D projects.   

Such materials must only be used in the spray booth, located in the kiln yard at the end of Dexter (Room 128), under the metal roofing. Operation instructions are posted on the spray booth.  

If the kiln yard is closed for the evening, students must wait until it reopens to access the spray booth.  

Spraying is prohibited anywhere in or around Dexter 34, as fumes can easily permeate the building and affect faculty and students working inside. There are many signs posted to reminding one that spraying in or around the Dexter building is prohibited.

Violations of these policies are subject to California Penal Code 594 and can result in students being referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Rubber Cement, Adhesives, and Fume-Producing Products

No adhesives (rubber cement, spray tac, fixatif, etc.) or oil-based/high VOC paints can be used in any room or lab in Dexter 34 except when specifically approved. 

Students are encouraged to use a low VOC or fume alternative, such as mactac.

Students may ONLY use high VOC or toxic adhesives/paints in an approved, properly ventilated area.

All paints, solvents, adhesives, and other toxic materials must be stored in safe and sealable appropriate containers, and must be clearly labeled.  No mason jars allowed!


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