Lana Z Caplan's Video AUTOPOIESIS Screening Internationally

Lana Z Caplan’s newest video, Autopoiesis, premiered in March 2019 at a solo screening at Anachivia, in the famous Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City.

Since then, Autopoiesis has been screening in festivals and screening programs around the world including AXW Film Festival at Anthology Film Archives, (New York, NY), Other Cinema (San Francisco, CA), Portland Underground Film Festival (Portland, OR), Antimatter [media art] (Victoria, BC, Canada), Transient Visions Festival of the Moving Image (Johnson City, NY), ECHOFLUXX 19 Festival (Prague, CZ), 33rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Stuttgart, Germany) and VASTLAB Experimental Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA).

"Autopoiesis intertwines complex ideas of utopia—Sun Ra’s speculative new black colony in outer space, Hitler’s Aryan nation, and the promise of a better world through hashtag activism—then counters it all by positing the impossibility of retreating or advancing, as the present moment is constantly buffeted with the darkness and struggle of current events.” - Heather Kapplow

See the trailer here:


image caption: video still, Autopoiesis, 4K video, 7:20, 2019

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