New Course - Metamorphic Arts of Qing Ching with Susan Eberhard

Art & Design Lecturer, Susan Eberhard, develops subtopic course, Metamorphic Arts in Qing China (ART 318 - Asian Art Survey).

Vase in shape of Latern

Vase in the Shape of Latern

Art 318: Asian Art Topics: Metamorphic Arts of Qing China (1644-1911)

Susan Eberhard

Metamorphosis (n.): the process of transformation from one form or state to another, through natural or supernatural means.

Change is inherent to matter. Transformation is the key term through which artists and makers approach their work. What if we took a transformation-based approach to the study of works of art?

This course surveys the arts of late imperial China (c. 1500-1900) with a focus on the Qing period, through the lenses of material, media, and technology. Instead of regarding works of art as static and fixed in their cultural context, the course emphasizes the transformation, mobility and exchange of objects, images, and technologies. Topics include processes of craft production, arts of the Qing court, body transfigurations, and the global circulation of Chinese art. The course is broadly applicable to Art + Design majors, as well as students interested in the histories of art and technology, Asian studies, and ecological approaches to the study of art and culture.


Introducing incoming Lecturer, Susan Eberhard:

I am an art historian of early modern and modern China in a global context, focusing on decorative arts and material culture. I am interested in questions of mobility and exchange, transformation, and loss. My research and teaching take postcolonial, feminist, and comparative approaches to how knowledge about art is constructed and circulated. I am also interested in transpacific frameworks and Asian American art. 

My current book project is tentatively titled “Metamorphic Medium: Materializing Silver in Global Early Modern China.” I have a PhD in the history of art from the University of California, Berkeley. 

I warmly welcome Cal Poly students to take my classes on the introduction to visual arts and Asian art, and to contact me with any questions about the field and practice of Asian art history.

Lecturer, Art History
Office: 34 - 147
Phone: 805-756-1540




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