Art and Design Student Creates '25-35' Art Installation in Baker Center

A new art installation, "25-35," has been unveiled in the Baker Center for Science and Mathematics, created by a student artist in honor of Phil Bailey, dean emeritus of the College of Science and Mathematics. Bailey founded and championed the "Study 25–35 Hours Per Week" principle: To succeed, students need to study two hours per unit each week, or the equivalent of 25–35 hours per week. The installation was designed by student artist Anna Teiche (Art and Design, '18) and commissioned by Provost Kathleen Enz Finken. Teiche (pictured at right, above) completed all of the fabrication using on-campus resources and labs. She learned to tungsten inert gas (TIG) weld with instruction from Equipment Technician Doug Brewster and welding assistance from fellow art and design student Tommy Stoeckinger, according to a University Art Collection description of the piece. The piece is a visual representation of the activities in an average student’s day according to the Study 25-35 principle. Seven hexagonal panels each represent a day of the week, and smaller, painted hexagons symbolize the hours in a day. The forms are inspired by molecular diagrams used in chemistry, Bailey’s field of study. Just as chemical compounds can be broken down into separate elements, a student’s day can be organized into different areas of focus. The art installation is located on the second-floor lobby of the Baker Center (No. 180). Watch a video showing how it was created here.

Cal Poly Report – April 11, 2018

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