Art & Design Student Interim Review

Students at the end of their sophomore year, or transfers completing their first year at Cal Poly (with some exceptions), are requested by the department to participate in an interim review. At the interim review students present a body of work in front of a faculty panel.  See Preparation, Guidelines, and Materials below. 

Interim Review

The faculty welcome this opportunity to evaluate students’ work outside of the classroom environment and offer suggestions where relevant to enhance one’s skills and conceptual thinking. Because the department offers a BFA in Art and Design, faculty on the panel may be from outside of your concentration, looking at ways students at the mid-point of their curriculum cycle are striving to achieve both common and specific bodies of knowledge and skills.

The interim review is also a stepping stone in preparation for the senior portfolio. In addition, the interim review gives the department a chance to see if our students are meeting the Program Learning Objectives designated for the curriculum and to consider any potential modifications.  It is important to note that, although required, this interim review does not show up on students’ transcript, but is designed to assess and assist students at the mid-point of their art and design coursework.

Interim Reviews will be held May 22-23, 2017 (Monday–Tuesday). 


Evaluating Student Work at the Interim Review

While keeping in mind that students are at the mid-point of their curriculum cycle and have more to learn at this stage, the faculty will review your work according to high standards—the standards for a graduating senior creating his or her portfolio for the BFA. The categories on the Evaluation Form include: conceptual development, formal development, technical proficiency, verbal presentation, and overall body of work.

Please note that the Evaluation Form is not shared with the registrar’s office.  The first part of the evaluation form is for the department’s internal assessment only and is kept confidential. Students will receive constructive feedback and suggestions in the form of written comments after the review, which will capture and reinforce some the discussion between students and faculty. 

Because the faculty fully recognizes that most students are still developing skills and concepts at this interim stage, our goal is to offer constructive advice in order for students to achieve their highest potential and take advantage of the opportunities that Cal Poly has to offer. In fact, the evaluation form is the same used for Senior Portfolio Production (Art 462/468), when both faculty and alumni in the student’s respective concentration have the opportunity to review students’ work. In this way, we can track student progress throughout their lower and upper division curriculum, with the aim of realizing the Program Learning Objectives for the BFA by graduation. 

Preparation, Guidelines, and Materials

Preparation for the Interim Review is introduced in Art 260 (Art Critique, Discourse, and Practice), with the students being mindful of the assessment categories on the Evaluation Form.

Specific guidelines and materials to bring to the review depend on your concentration: Graphic Design, Photography and Video, Studio Arts.

Those using a projector, please take into consideration the projector resolution and how it will affect the size of images and fonts when viewed by the audience.  A moderate target resolution of 1280 x 1024 is a good compromise.  Please review our Projector use help page for information about using department projectors. 


About one week prior to the review, please sign up for one 30-minute time slot or either May 22 or 23 on the sign-up sheets posted outside Dexter classroom 150.

Should you have any questions, please contact Bruno Ribeiro.

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