Enrica L Costello in Exhibition at UC, Irvine for SLSA Conference

Enrica L Costello participated in group show titled “At the Margins: Experimental Engagements in Science, Literature, and the Arts” at the University of California Irvine this November in conjunction with the SLSA conference.

The show asked: “How can we visually represent the SLSA 2019 conference theme — and, equally, the extraordinary confluence of work in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, and related fields that SLSA foregrounds? How can we show the wide range of interests among the university researchers, independent scholars, and artists who make up the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts? For this special exhibition organized for the 33rd Annual Meeting, we are addressing these questions with a simple prompt: what is the location of your experimental engagement?”

image cation: Thel neuron forest, Enrica L Costello 2019 

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