Tentative Course Offerings 2018–19

Course Title


Fall 2018


Winter 2019

SprinG 2019

ART 101 The Fundamentals of Drawing (GE C3) X X X
ART 102 Art and Design Foundation studies I X    
ART 103 Art and Design Foundation studies II   X  
ART 104 Art and Design Foundation studies III     X
ART 111 Introduction to Art (GE C3) X X X
ART 112 Survey of Western Art (GE C3) X X X
ART 122 Basic Digital Photography (GE C3)  X X X
ART 148 Beginning Sculpture (GE C3) X X  
ART 182 Foundation in Digital Art I X    
ART 183 Foundation in Digital Art II     X
ART 201 Intermediate Drawing     X
ART 203 Art Theory and Practice X X X
ART 209 Beginning Painting X X X
ART 211 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance      
ART 212 Art History: Renaissance to Baroque Eras   X X
ART 213 Art History: Modern Art, 1900–1945 (formerly ART 312) X    
ART 222 Black and White Photography     X
ART 224 Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography X X X
ART 227 Portrait Photography       
ART 237 Graphic Design I X    
ART 238 Typography I   X  
ART 245 Ceramics I     X
ART 260 Critique, Discourse and Practice    


ART 270 Selected Topics (1-4)      
ART 288 Interaction Design I      X
ART 302 Figure Drawing X X  
ART 309 Intermediate Painting   X  
ART 310 Art History: American Art    
ART 311 Art History: 19th Century Art (GE C4) X    
ART 313 Design History      X
ART 314 History of Photography (GE C4)    X  
ART 315 Art History: Art Since 1945   X  
ART 316 Women as Subject and Object in Art History      
ART 317 Asian Art Survey      
ART 318 Asian Art Topics (GE C4)   X  
ART 324 Photographic Expression X    
ART 325 Advanced Camera and Lighting Techniques X    
ART 329 Editorial Photography   X  
ART 330 Book Arts     X
ART 334 Illustration I: Techniques and Tools      
ART 337 Graphic Design II X    
ART 338 Typography II   X  
ART 345C Ceramics II - combined with ART 245     X
ART 348 Intermediate Sculpture   X  
ART 350 Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone I      
ART 353 Intermedia/Art     X
ART 366 Junior Studio Art Practice X    
ART 370 Art History: Michelangelo (GE C4)   X  
ART 371 Art History: Renaissance Topics (GE C4) X   X
ART 373 New Media Art History     X
ART 383 Digital Video I X   X
ART 384 Digital 3D Modeling and Design   X  
ART 388 Interaction Design II X    
ART 402 Advanced Figure 2D   X  
ART 409 Advanced 2D     X
ART 427 Advertising Photography   X  
ART 432 Advertising Design   X  
ART 434C Illustration II - combined with ART 334      
ART 437 Graphic Design III   X  
ART 438 Typography III    
ART 439 Type in Motion      
ART 448 Advanced Topics in Sculpture      
ART 450 Computing for Interactive Arts Capstone II      
ART 463 Senior Portfolio Project (formerly ART 462 with ART 468)    


ART 466 Senior Studio Art Practice   X  
ART 470 Selected Advanced Topics (1-4)   X (DM) X (PHO)
ART 471 Selected Advanced Laboratory (1-4)      
ART 474 Collaborative Studio: Rendering, Animation & Modeling     X
ART 483 Digital Video II   X  
ART 484 Animation, Video and Interactive Design     X
ART 488 Interaction Design III   X  
ART 489 Advanced Interactive Media Art      

X = ART class is offered. DM = digital media. GRD = graphic design. PHO = photography & video. SA = studio art. TBD= To be determined. 

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