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Get Involved

Your college experience is what you make it, so get involved. Research shows that some of the best learning comes from outside the classroom, working with your peers. Art & Design students have a number of clubs and activities available to immerse students in art and art creation. Departmental clubs set up portfolio reviews with alumni and industry professionals to extend, diversify, and enrich the learning experience. They also plan studio, gallery, and museum tours from Los Angeles up to San Francisco. We have a student-run magazine called .RAW for students to publish their work and gain editorial, graphic design and publishing experience. Every quarter Club 34 hosts Push Pin, an event where all students are invited to display their art work around the department. Push Pin creates an opportunity for students to engage with other classes and concentrations, helping build a community of creativity and professionalism within the Art and Design Department. The department also hosts guests speakers from all of the art areas to provide inspiration and knowledge. We recommend attending all of the lectures, even if it is outside of your concentration.


Clubs and Activities

  • Club 34 is the department social club. They sponsor barbecues, themed parties, Push Pin (see above) and other events.
  • Studio Art Club was founded by students in the Art and Design Department, and has become a popular club for all members of the Cal Poly campus. Students design stickers, attend art openings, host critique nights as well as many other activities throughout the year.
  • .RAW Journal of Art and Design is a student-run magazine launched in 2017 that showcases the photography, video, studio art and graphic design of Art and Design students. Published three times a year in print and online, and archived by Cal Poly’s digital commons ( and JSTOR (’s mission is to create a inclusive, collaborative opportunity for students to self-publish their work and create portfolio building materials and experiences.


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