Photography and Video Concentration

The photography and video concentration is a diversified, commercially oriented program stressing careers in advertising and illustration, portraiture, corporate and editorial photography. Courses progress through traditional photographic processes, digital image making, large format photography, video and multimedia production, and advertising illustration.

The program includes a study of the history of photography and video, a review of current professional practices, and opportunities to work on joint projects with graphic design students.

Student Work

Shireen Faridniya  (Art 324 - Fall 2012)
Shireen Faridniya, ART 324 Photo Expression


Derek Fong -  Photo expression   (Art 324)
Derek Fong, ART 324 Photo Expression


James Galt  (Art 470)
James Galt, ART 470 Selected Advanced Topics


Sara Tollefson (Art 324 - 2012)
Sara Tollefson, ART 324 Photographic Expression


Nick Katkov - Night Portraits  (Art 324 - Fall 2012)
Nick Katkov, ART 324 Night Portraits 


Derek Fong - Special Problems   (Art 400)
Derek Fong, ART 400 Special Problems


Casey Bright (Art 324 - 2012)
Casey Bright, ART 324 Photographic Expression 


James Galt, Derek Fong, Joel Wilson, Nick Katkov (Art 329 - Spring 2013)
James Galt, Derek Fong, Joel Wilson and Nick Katkov, ART 329 Editorial Photography


E. Herrman
E. Herrman, ART 224 Introduction to Artificial Lighting for Photography


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