Art Minors


The Art and Design Department offers three Art minors: 

Art History Minor 

The Art History Minor offers classes that cover the span of Western art as well as Asian art, with specific course topics ranging from Buddhist art to the work of Michelangelo to late modern and contemporary art since 1945. The minor balances breadth and depth in art historical studies and includes an advanced course in art history research and methods.

Photography Minor 

The Photography Minor offers classes that cover digital processes, historical processes, with both fine art concerns and commercial applications.

Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor offers a concentration in either 2D or 3D art. The Studio Art minor curriculum includes classes such as drawing, painting, ceramics, scupture, and art history.


Art Minor Application Process

STEP 1  Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for an Art minor:

  • CPSLO Cumulative GPA of a 2.6   
  • Last Graded Term GPA of a 2.6
  • Completed at least one quarter at Cal Poly.              

STEP 2  Complete the top of the Art Minor Application in blue or black ink.

         Art History Minor Application 

         Photography Minor Application

         Studio Art Minor Application

STEP 3  Meet with one of the Art faculty minor advisors (listed below) during their office hours and bring your completed Art Minor Application with you. 

         Art History: Professor Elizabeth Adan, Professor Giancarlo Fiorenza

         Photography: Professor Lana Caplan

         Studio Art: Professor Sara Frantz, Professor Elizabeth Folk

STEP 4  If you’re seeking a course substitution, bring a course description of the class the you completed to the Art faculty minor advisor. All course substitutions must be written on the bottom portion of the Art Minor Application (or copy), signed, and approved by the advisor.

STEP 5  If the Art Minor Application is approved by the Art faculty minor advisor, the student and the advisor sign and date the application.

STEP 6  Submit the completed application to the Art & Design department office (bldg. 34, room 169) by the end of the fourth week of the quarter.

STEP 7  The department office staff will notify applicants of their Art Minor Application status (via their Cal Poly email) by the end of the quarter that they applied. If approved, the Art minor will be effective the following quarter.

STEP 8  When planning which ART classes to take, utilize the department’s current Tentative Course Offerings list, as some ART classes are available one or two quarters per academic year.

Art minors are not guaranteed a seat in ART classes. If possible, get on the waitlist for ART class you wish to take. During open enrollment (after the first and second rounds of registration) students will be pulled in from the waitlist to fill any available seats. 

Prerequisites for Art minors may be waived; consent from instructor must be received.

Each quarter, the department office emails Art minors a survey to complete which gives Art minors the opportunity to request a permission number for the ART class they want to take. Permission numbers are not guaranteed even if consent is received from the instructor to waive prerequisites.




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