Art Minors


Art History Minor

The Art History Minor offers classes that cover the span of Western art as well as Asian art, with specific course topics ranging from Buddhist art to the work of Michelangelo to late modern and contemporary art since 1945. The minor balances breadth and depth in art historical studies and includes an advanced course in art history research and methods.

Art History Minor - Curriculum and Course Requirements

Photography and Video Minor

The Photography Minor offers classes that cover digital processes, historical processes, and digital video with both fine art concerns and commercial applications.

Photography and Video Minor - Curriculum and Course Requirements

Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor offers a concentration in either 2D or 3D art. The Studio Art minor curriculum includes classes such as drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and art history.

Studio Art Minor - Curriculum and Course Requirements

* The Department encourages BFA students to seek minors outside of the Art & Design Program in order to expand their familiarity with other fields. In some circumstances BFA Students are permitted to pursue an Art Minor with approvals from the Minor Advisor and the Department Chair. In these cases, required major courses in Art & Design cannot be used to satisfy Art Minor requirements. 

Other Department Related Minors:

Computing for the Interactive Arts (CIA) Minor

The minor in Computing for Interactive Arts (CIA) is a Cross-Disciplinary Studies Minor jointly offered by the Department of Art and Design and the Computer Science Department. The CIA minor fosters a collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment in which Art and Design students integrate coding and algorithmic thinking in creative works, and Computer Science students apply the principles and methodology of design thinking to visual applications. The minor enables students from different disciplines to collaborate on projects requiring both a technical and a creative perspective.

Student work from the CIA minor:
More information on the CIA minor:
CIA Minor Curriculum and Course Requirements:


Media Arts, Society and Technology (MAST) Minor

The Media Arts, Society & Technology (MAST) minor encourages students to explore the ways in which the media arts are enabled and shaped by progress in science and technology while also being uniquely situated to promote engagement with and critical reflection about the meanings of scientific, technical and social progress. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop and refine their expertise in the creative, visual, communicative, and performing arts, such as film, video, still photography, sound design, stage and lighting design, computer graphics, and interactive entertainment.

The MAST program is grounded in project-based learning, giving students a unique collaborative experience in a variety of interdisciplinary settings. Through this minor students within the Department of Art and Design will be able to access critical humanities courses and technical skills in a wide range of programs otherwise not available to those outside the minor.

Curriculum and Course Requirements:
More information on the MAST minor:

Art Minor Application Steps

STEP 1:  Review Curriculum and Requirements

Review the Art minor curriculum in the Cal Poly Catalog. Verify you meet the following criteria to be considered for an Art minor:

  • Cal Poly SLO Cumulative GPA of a 2.6
  • Last Graded Term GPA of a 2.6
  • Completed at least one quarter at Cal Poly

STEP 2:  Meet with Department Advisor 

Schedule a meeting with an Art & Design faculty minor advisor from the corresponding concentration you are applying to during their office hours.

STEP 3:  Submit Application Form

Select and complete the corresponding Minor application form below.1  Submit your application form by the fourth week of the quarter.2

1 If your catalog year is 2017-2019, please consult your minor advisor about obtaining the correct catalog year form.
2 This deadline is waived for Winter 2021 due to the transition to online forms.

STEP 4:  Verify Confirmation Email

The completed Art Minor application form will be routed to the Office of the Registrar. You will receive a notification as to the status of your Art Minor application via your Cal Poly email.

Applications are generally effective the following quarter depending on processing times needed by the department and Office of the Registrar.

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