Graphic Design Concentration

Graphic design is a powerful form of communication. Designed images, objects, environments and experiences shape our culture. Designers combine images and words to tell stories that connect with people on an emotional level.

As a discipline and a profession, graphic design is diverse and expanding. It encompasses: branding, interaction design, spatial design, publication design, package design, and motion design. Cal Poly’s design curriculum emphasizes creative problem solving, focusing on the development of technical skills combined with a strong foundation in research techniques and critical thinking. Students in the graphic design concentration study a variety of subjects relevant to the field, including: typography, identity design, user interface design, motion design, illustration, advertising, book arts, and design history. Our program encourages students to think conceptually and ethically when approaching a wide range of design challenges.

All graphic design students are required to create a senior portfolio project tailored to their interests and career goals. Each spring, seniors have their portfolios reviewed by design professionals—many of whom graduated from our program—to help them prepare for successful entry into the creative field. We have a wonderful network of design alumni who provide mentorship to our students and ongoing support for our program.

The Graphic Design concentration in the Department of Art and Design is distinct from the Design Reproduction Technology concentration in the Graphic Communication Department, which focuses on the technical and electronic aspects of preparing design pieces for reproduction in print media. In contrast, the emphasis of the Graphic Design concentration is on the preparation of a professional portfolio the showcases one's creative and conceptual design abilities.

Student Work

Graphic Design Series

 Graphic Design I project


Interaction Design Series






Typography Series



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