Careers in Art & Design

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Art and Design degrees are growing in popularity. The number of bachelor’s degrees conferred in the field has increased every year since 1999.  Degrees in Art and Design have roles in many different areas of business, including production design, consumer services, education, entertainment, and more.  Design careers are in high demand as business continues to depend more on branding and marketing through technology and the internet, which relies on a foundation of solid design skills and processes. The value of the arts in commerce and society have profoundly transformed the entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for studio artists and graphic designers.

The faculty encourages students to make career research and internship programs part of their academic learning.  Here are just a few examples of the diverse career opportunities available to Art & Design graduates:

Art Director Art Historian
Creative Director Art Conservator
Exhibition Designer Art Educator
Graphic Designer Art Therapist
Illustrator Artist (Studio, Animation, etc.)
Information Designer Furniture Designer
Motion Designer Set Designer
Package Designer Photographer
Product Designer Film Editor
UX/UI Designer Photography Editor
Visual Designer Photojournalist
Web Designer Videographer
Concept Artist Sculptor
Special Effects Artist Museum Curator
Video Game Designer Curatorial Assistant

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